Secrets of sleeping with pain revealed from Anthony


Now I would like to tell you a little personal story, because I spend my life moving heavy beds, furniture and mattresses I am afraid I get a lot of wear and tear on my arms and shoulders, to such an extent that 6 years ago I had to have an operation on my rotator cuff on my left arm because I had worn it out. Before the operation I was in agony as my condition pretty much meant I had bone rubbing against bone and each time I turned over in bed I woke myself up with the excruciating pain. I was taking strong pain killers constantly and life seemed hardly worth living at times. Because there was a waiting list I had to wait for 4 months for my operation and as now I could not wait to be put under the knife to relieve the agony I was enduring.


I had the operation carried out by Mr Stanislas as Nuffield hospital and after 3 months of constant physiotherapy I was able to use my arm as usual again. I will never forget the constant pain I was in before and how it affected my life and sleep, or lack of it.


6 years later I was in the same position but this time with my right arm rotator cuff. However this time there was one major difference. 2 years ago, I invested in my comfort and bought a Mammoth Ultimate Health Mattress and that was the day that turned my life around. I had the operation and yes I was in pain but because the Mammoth Mattress is designed to completely contour to the shape of my every curve, allowed me to sleep at night and that was the BIG BIG difference.


My mammoth ultimate health mattress cocooned my arm with non-pressure support and comfort. Unlike Memory foam or pocket sprung surfaces which would’ve pushed against my arm causing pressure and discomfort.


This situation made me think deeply about my customers as a large quantity tell me they struggle with main different ailments such as: Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Osteoporosis, Spinal Fusion, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Chronic lower back pain, Stenosis, Slipped disk, Spondylitis, Hiatus Hernia, Fibromyalgia, Sciatica, Hip replacement, Scoliosis and many other ailments that keep them awake at night. The Mammoth Ultimate Health Mattress is the only mattress that the government does not charge (V.A.T) on if it is being bought by a person with an ailment such as those above.  This means you can save 20% off your life changing mattress.


The Mammoth mattress for me has been my saviour and in 35 years of bed retailing I have never come across such a comfortable mattress and I am not the only one who thinks s. This is what Liz Yelling (Olympic Gold Medallist) has to say about her Mammoth Mattress “I could feel the difference immediately, I was able to sleep on my side and the medical foam relieved the usual pressure. My morning hip pain has disappeared leaving me refreshed and ready for training every day”.


Liz Yelling finishing the 2012 London Marathon (Credit: MalcolmAtGullrock)


Louis Deacon, England rugby international says “The Mammoth mattress certainly has helped my recovery and injuries; it really is fantastic I would recommend the Mammoth Mattress to anyone who values their sleep and comfort”.


Leicester Tigers legend Louis Deacon reflects on his career (Credit: Leicester Tigers)


Below are 3 testimonials from customers who purchased a Mammoth Mattress.

Without doubt one of the best purchases I have ever made! I was a little reluctant to begin with to commit to the purchase of a new mattress. However I had recently had a knee operation and for a long time had been carrying an old back injury from my rugby playing days. I was not sleeping too well. From the very first night I slept on my new Mammoth mattress I knew I should have bought it sooner! The aches and pains in my knees have stopped. Last weekend I slightly overdid my time cycling, and irritated my back injury. I know the exercises I need to do to ease the troublesome disk. However I also know now from experience that I would feel better in the morning having slept so well on my new mattress.
A hidden bonus I did not expect is that, because the bed is so comfortable, if I have to get up in the night to answer a call of nature I now get back to sleep much more quickly than I used to! Don't hesitate like I did! If you do you will be simply be wasting nights you could be sleeping so much more comfortably.


David Hutt


Excellent and informed guidance through what can be a complicated choice.
The result is amazing and has completely changed our horizontal hours!
Lead time, price, service, delivery, old mattress disposal, assessment of need and much more - all thoroughly deserving of a 5 star award.
Most highly recommended


Paul Gerrard


I have been dealing with Anthony at The Bed Factory. I wanted a Mammoth Supersoft Mattress. Normally 3-4 weeks delivery He was extremely helpful and I now have the mattress I wanted in super quick time i.e. 3 Days. And at a very competitive price. He also gave me very informative information previously unknown to me and full explanations of alternatives that other firms could not provide. I have no hesitation in recommending The Bed Factory, Leamington Spa to anyone who wants a fantastic and friendly very efficient service.


Mike Woodrow


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All of the above testimonials are genuine and telephone numbers are available if required. I believe that anyone who is having a problem sleeping in any way shape or form will be massively helped by the Mammoth Ultimate Health Mattress.

Now I am sure anyone who is ready to change their bed or mattress would wish to know what the price of such an incredible mattress is, well it’s not as expensive as you think. There are several different models but the most sought after (Performance Sky 270) which starts from £899 or £74.92 (0% Interest Free) per month over 12 months. If you do have a genuine ailment then this mattress can be VAT exempt. This would bring the price down from £899 to £749.17, meaning you save just under £150.


As a Grande finale we are also offering a FREE bedding pack worth £174 with every Mammoth Mattress order. This bedding pack consists of 2 luxury memory crumb pillows and 4 Egyptian cotton pillow cases.



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